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Curriculum & Product Usage FAQs

How do I move a student to another teacher's class?

For districts using one of our integrations (e.g. Clever, Schoology, Google Classroom), roster changes are handled in the integration. District that roster using CSV files (either uploaded manually or sent via SFTP) must make those changes in the data file before uploading to Activate Learning. For all other districts, please contact our support team about making this change for you.

Where are the safety data sheets located?

The safety data sheets are located in the Teacher Portal under “Unit Resources.” 

Who do I contact about curriculum related questions?

Please submit your questions to our support team and we'll forward you questions to our curriculum team.

What is the difference between the bell and the thumbs up?

The thumbs up icon means you as the teacher have graded or commented on the student's work, whereas the bell indicates the student has submitted work. This video covering assessments in IDE may be of help.