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Lock and Unlock Activities

Teachers can lock/unlock activities for an entire class, or for individual students. Locking an activity means that the student can see the activity, but can no longer edit or submit work. Unlocking means that students can edit and submit work.

To lock an activity for an entire class, go to Assign > Grade Activity by Student. Here, select your activity and class, then click the red "Lock for All Students" button to lock the activity.

The button will change to "Unlock for All Students." You may toggle the button on or off as needed to lock/unlock the activity for the entire class.

To lock or unlock an activity for an individual student, select the student in the list. You will see a blue lock icon near the top of the page. Use the blue lock icon to lock or unlock the activity for this student. (If the lock in the icon is closed, the activity is locked for the student. If the lock icon is open, the activity is unlocked for the student.)