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How do I make a claim for damaged or missing items?

In order for us to assist you with your missing/damage claim, please submit a support ticket via the Contact Support page. Please list all the damaged and missing items and the kit these the items belong to. If you have either the order number or Purchase Order number, please include it as well.

For reference, our return policy is as follows:


When you receive a shipment, immediately inspect the shipment for visible damage and visible shortages.

  • An example of visible damage is a kit box that is crushed or opened
  • An example of visible shortage is kit box 2 of 3 is missing.
  • Count all boxes and compare that to what is stated on the Bill of Lading or other shipment documentation.
  • If you identify any damage or shortage, immediately note such on the shipment documentation, take a picture of the damage/shortage and notify Activate.


Within thirty (30) days of your shipment receipt, open all boxes and inspect and count the components to ensure that all Products and Materials identified on the order are included and are undamaged.

  • ‚ÄčTo the extent your inspection identifies any shortages or damage, please take a picture of the damage/shortage and notify Activate.


  • All notifications to Activate under this Claims Policy should be submitted to Activate Learning using our Contact Support page. Please enter “Claims Policy” in the subject and include the order number/PO number and tracking number along with other details regarding the damage and/or shortage.
  • Activate is not liable for visible damages and shortages that are not promptly reported upon delivery receipt.
  • Activate is not liable for concealed damages and/or shortages that are claimed
    • more than thirty days after delivery receipt or
    • after the Products or Materials are moved to a location other than your receiving area