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Integration FAQs

How Often are Rosters Updated?

Our integrations with Clever and LMSs such as Google Classroom and Canvas are updated nightly. Any changes made in the data shared via these integrations, such as new users or a change in enrollment, will not appear in your account until after a nightly sync.

How Do I Add a New Class Recently Created in Our LMS?

Teachers may re-sync their accounts on demand to import newly created classes. To perform this operation, log into your account and click the "Admin" link at the bottom of the page. Next, click the "Sync Rosters" tab near the top of the page. Finally, click the green "Sync Now" button. The system will then display any new classes not yet imported to your account along with existing classes previously imported. Simply check the box next to the class(es) you wish to import before clicking the "Proceed" button at the bottom of the page.

Can our District Start Using an Integration Mid-Year?

Well yes, but this is not recommended because it requires that all existing data for your district be purged. It's best to implement an integration before the start of a new school year. Starting the integration between semesters is next best option. Please contact our support team if interested in one of our integrations and we'll work with you on an implementation plan.