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Supported Options for Data Integration

The Activate Learning Digital Platform (ALDP) offers a variety of ways in which a district or school can choose to roster students and teachers. This document outlines the benefits of each option.

Feature/Benefit Clever Classlink Google Classroom Canvas Schoology
Auto provision student and teacher accounts Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Nightly sync of rosters Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Single Sign On Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Grade pass back to LMS  n/a n/a Yes Yes Yes
Assignments populate in LMS n/a n/a Yes Yes Yes


Integration FAQs

How long does it take to establish an integration?

Typically, your Clever or LMS admin can complete the configuration on their end in about 15 minutes. About the same amount of time is required on our end as well.

Which classes are imported for teachers?

With Clever, all the classes shared with our application will be imported. For all other integrations, teacher may choose to import any or all classes shared with our application.

Can you integrate with other LMSs?

Please check with our support team. Our data partner is capable of supporting many LMSs, so the odds are pretty good the answer will be yes.

Are co-teachers supported with your integrations?

Yes, as long as the co-teachers are setup in Clever or your LMS.

Other Options for Rostering

For small schools or those with a small number of participating students and teachers we offer two additional methods for rostering.

CSV Data File

We provide you with Excel template for listing students and teachers organized into classes.  When ready, you'll upload the file using our encrypted drop box. From there, we'll process your file and notify you when it's done.

Manual Rostering

This method is best for districts with a very small number of teachers and no student accounts. We'll provide you with a District Manager account and instructions that will all you to roster teachers using a simple interface.